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Golden Glow Elixir


  • 2 apples, any variation ( I used fuji)
  • 4 small or 2 large oranges, peel removed
  • 1 lemon, peel or no peel, depending on your preference (I left the peel on but chopped off the ends)
  • 23 inch knob of fresh ginger, peeled (adjust according to your spiciness liking)
  • 2 inch knob of fresh turmeric, peeled
  • 2 cups cold water
  • 1 handful of ice (optional)


  1. In a high speed blender, blend all ingredients until smooth, adding extra water if needed.
  2. A high powered decent blender will turn this into a smooth juice. If you would rather juice the ingredients to make it even smoother, go right ahead! I like to keep all the fiber and nutrients in but juicing the ingredients is just as good.
  3. Enjoy!


  • If you can’t find fresh turmeric and need to use the powdered turmeric, use about 1/2-1 tablespoon and adjust to your liking.


  • Serving Size: 3
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